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  1. Oh no! It's a joke, the stuff I listed are so-called features other vendors include in their security products. This is the outcome of yearly refresh security products, vendors add junk to make it seem new, or else it would have the same change log as Eset.
  2. Foolish people crying about little changes, I know the changes you want so let me list them for you. Integrations needed for Eset: - Chrome/FF/Opera -> Incognito/private browser window called Eset Porn Zone - Windows on-screen keyboard -> prevent keyloggers called Eset Smart Keyboard - Google Voice -> voice commands on settings called Eset Handicap Mode - LastPass -> auto complete user credentials called Eset Smart Pass - Web of Trust -> website reputation called Eset Smart Reputation - CCleaner -> clear browser history, cookies, and cache called Eset Smart Cleaner - AdBlock Plus -> block ads called Eset Smart Blocker
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