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  1. Dear Nightowl, Yes, I understand. This is a serious issue. But it's very hard for me to findout what exactly is exploitable. Anyways I purchased wordfence premium plugin which has firewall, it blocks the anonymous requests & I created some rules to block the suspicious requests. I'm not sure how far it will help. What do you recommend me to do ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Dear marcos, Thank you for your response and pointing out the malicious code. I was able to find it in a plugins js files. and I removed that piece of code. Now it's working fine. Once again thanks alot.
  3. Dear Marcos, Can you please elaborate more? Search "/adit/documentation/documentation.php" where? I checked in website directory but did not find anything. Can you please explain more. Thank you
  4. Dear Eset members, Hope you all are doing great. JS/Agent.OZD this virus has been injected in my website, Eset is detecting this virus whenever I'm trying to access my website. I downloaded all the files of my website and scanned with eset but it did not found anything. I'm trying to understand where exactly this virus has infiltrated my website. My website zoetalentsolutions.com is in wordpress, any help or guidance from anyone would be helpful. Thank you
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