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  1. Can we have this? : Functionality to block USB media storage devices when connected in MTP/PTP mode. Add an option to scan USB media storage devices from context menu or make 'em scannable when Real Time Protection / Automatic Device Scan is selected again in MTP/PTP mode.
  2. The only real change that I would like to see with this new beta release is : Functionality to Block USB media storage devices when connected as MTP/PTP. Add an option to scan USB media storage devices from context menu or make 'em scannable when Automatic Device Scan is selected again in MTP/PTP mode.
  3. Few days ago, I contacted the ESET Customer Care Support by filling the built in product form & explicitly mentioned this thread link so that they can have a better insight about the ongoing issue but got the response that I have contacted the Nordic Support channel and they are unable to find out my details hence can not help. They guided me to contact the ESET partners from the shared link. FWIW, I was using the license key which was given to me by a dear friend of mine who won it in a Giveaway. So I think ESET does not honor/provide support for users who are using the Giveaway keys or m
  4. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. I have raised a support ticket With ESET using the inbuilt customer care contact form & now waiting for their reply.
  5. I fail to see why there's so much fuss with Protocol Filtering/Firewall & now disabling/uninstalling Epfw Component? If this is something which needs to be done then I don't see any reason to use ESET Smart Security at all. Like as I mentioned before in my post, uninstalling ESET from the system fixes the issue. I appreciate your efforts to help me out, as this issue is sporadic, I would like to refrain myself from testing alternate methods because this is my main system & network connectivity is a major part of my workflow. ATM, messing with network settings is a no go for me. Now,
  6. please check post #3, this workaround is also reported to be not working. I think ESET Team is already aware about this issue. There is a detailed FAQ from IDM developer telling ESET is the main culprit behind downloads being stuck & data corruption, unfortunately they (IDM) can't do anything about this.
  7. Sorry, I completely forgot to reply to your post. FYI, I tried your workaround by disabling the protocol filtering & excluding the IDM process as well but still results are same. Also, shared the WireShark Logs with @Marcos but have not heard anything from him so far. Have a look at the screenshot shared below, this is what I am talking abt, when download progress reaches at 99% It automatically stops and Upon Pausing and resuming the download, IDM results in Data corruption and starts the entire download from the scratch. To download large files on slow connections with FUP applied
  8. Already mentioned this in OP, it's Windows 8.1 x64. as this happens sporadically, already tried the said workaround (mentioned in OP) & is not working not even when firewall is disabled. If I uninstall ESS completely, then I am not having any freezing/download stuck/high CPU usage issues whatsoever. FWIW, mainly this issue arises when IDM Queue Scheduler is used to download files over a given period of time. I guess this all started with ESS v7.
  9. Hi ESET Support Staff, As the title states, on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (Updated till date) I am having the issues of download files freezing at 99% (most of them, irrespective of the size) when using third party download manager viz. Internet Download Manager popularly known as IDM by Tonec Inc. This behaviour leads to high CPU usage & data corruption as well. Before posting this thread, I checked the ESET SS section for the above said issue and found 2-3 threads having the similar description but none of the answers/resolutions were convincing, In fact all of them were just a pass on. I hav
  10. I second that what OP has stated. I am on Windows 8.1 x64 & while using ESS 8.0.304.0, Google Chrome Browser (x64) is not able to search for any queries neither from the Homepage/Right Click Context menu nor from the Omnibox itself. The only workaround that I have come across is to Disable the SSL Protection/Scanning for HTTPS links which indeed solves this issue. Developers needs to look into this as SSL Protection/Scanning is known to be interfering with HTTPS links & Windows Update, which infact is a long standing issue & needs to be addressed on priority basis. Now, I am ea
  11. @Developers | Suggestion : How about adding an option or tweaking the ESS Firewall in such a way which allows to add a range of uneven IP addresses in a single step (while creating a rule) instead of manually adding them one by one. e.g. If someone wants to configure the ESS Firewall with below shared IP addresses i.e.,,,,,,,,,, In such scenarios, user has to add them one by one which is very time consuming. IMO, instead there should be an option which allows any IP rang
  12. For good sake, please revert the Eset logo as introduced in v7 with v6 i.e. from cCgvCzCs.pngto d3ZpKxk.png The icon is fine and helps identify the product. Every company on the planet uses a company logo, i cant see why Eset should be any different There's nothing wrong with sporting ESET logo with an 'e' but IMO, the latter one looks more premium. @Developers | could you please Add an option/workaround so that we can change the the said logo as per our needs? ATM, this is not possible as the Logo File is digitally signed and while making any changes to it breaks the data
  13. For good sake, please revert the Eset logo as introduced in v7 with v6 i.e. from to
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