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  1. I tested it with the 2 installers. Agent live installer and what I sent in the first print.
  2. I run the agent live installer version and I've tested it with this other installer putting the correct server too, it only works if I uninstall the previous agent and install. I'll open a support ticket here anyway. Thanks.
  3. Is there any script that I can uninstall the agent and reinstall a new one? Currently I only have the script that installs. But even installed over the top it doesn't recognize the new certificate only when I uninstall and install it works.
  4. Is it possible to make this change without having to reinstall?
  5. I recently exchanged my certificate, and all computers including the ESET server lost communication with the agent, they are all just LOCALHOST even though I manually change it to IP or the server name goes back to LOCALHOST
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