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  1. Hi Marcos, Thanks for the reply. I continued troubleshooting and found that *none* of the PCs were on the Internet. It appeared that they were due to cached DNS entries. Reviewing the blocked traffic on the PCs revealed that DNS was being blocked. Adding the IP address of our local DNS server to the trusted zone ( Advanced Setup -> Network Protection -> Advanced -> Zones ) resolved the problem. Now all the PCs are checking in successfully.
  2. Hello, I am a new ESET customer and I am seeing repeated errors on many of the end points management agents. The errors appear to be DNS related, but, each of these PCs can access the Internet successfully, and each of the PCs enrolled in the Protect Cloud successfully. However, they are not checking in successfully. In the example provided in the attached screenshots of trace log and status.html, the agent checked in successfully approx. 24 hours ago. But hasn't checked in successfully since then. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Daniel-
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