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  1. In the definition it is better to add more extended record of "Win32/bunndle(PUA)" This variant Win32/bunndle find the answer what this means much more complicated.
  2. First, why two different names (potentially unwanted applications and potentially unsafe applications) in the scanner if the ESET do not give a clear delineation of these names? According to the description of the company ESET, these two names (potentially unwanted applications and potentially unsafe applications) are about the same? Second; I am not for such a response has created a theme, but do not exclude such a response: itself solve the puzzle. This not answer to my question: "A description of potentially unwanted applications can be found here, that's it." - I knew this. There is no exact answer. I did not ask what is a potentially unwanted applications. I asked what is potentially unsafe applications. And what to expect "bad" or unpleasant, install this program ( File size: 11613447 bytes SHA1 :E9BC6F3D466F8E4C1F149D87E8183EFB4F44D5F6 ) with this name detection Win32/Bunndle? If you do not want to ask the exact answer an employee of the company ESET or does not want to answer (ESET company), the topic can be closed.
  3. File size: 11613447 bytes SHA1 :E9BC6F3D466F8E4C1F149D87E8183EFB4F44D5F6 https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/e0e2470b082b1dea7f29c95fdf324c649ffb79d04a1fcc08013eb14ad2e96f92/analysis/ File size: 3099532 bytes SHA1 :90E3332449FCA320663B909BD8BAA644F5E2F310 https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/89fa3371206f7d21ffdf0caaf7107532b24838db3ea2d62c287a6f8dab21cba5/analysis/ hxxp://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/?source=typ_redirect ESET, and... ?
  4. I knew that this is due to the potentially unwanted program or potentially dangerous program. Detect: –ľodified Win32/Bunndle potentially dangerous program. There is a description of what this Win32/Bunndle? Name me not clear and the word "bunndle" software translator untranslatable. I install this CamStudio_Setup_v2.7.2_r326_(build_19Oct2013).exe. Size 11342 KB. I don't see that there was something installed superfluous or bad. What to expect from the Win32/Bunndle? So we can assume many different options that means bunndle. I waited more response someone from the company ESET who knows more detail what it means Win32/Bunndle. This detection looks like this is: we know what is in this program, but we do not say (ESET) that dangerous to expect from this Windows32/Bunndle. Thanks for the links, but I'm an experienced user. There is no description Win32/Bunndle. I haven't found description. I thought it is easier to ask on the forum ESET than very long search.
  5. What means this definition: a variant of Win32/Bunndle? https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/e0e2470b082b1dea7f29c95fdf324c649ffb79d04a1fcc08013eb14ad2e96f92/analysis/1406988624/
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