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  1. Today i did a deep scanning and it become normal back after 3 days...
  2. Impossible because i didnt modified the scan profile..Also i did change it into default and scan still same...I didnt mind if it took a minute to scan just i must made sure my PC is fully protected by Eset...About exclusions yes i did put some file into it but it all d game file...Or after the update/latest version of Eset really like this...Lighting scanning perhaps (Pls refer my scan log and see it is normal or not)
  3. Dear Admin, Today i did a full scan (smart and deep scan) on my 3 hard drive that divided into (C,D,F,H,I).Normally it will took an hours to fully scan it but today it only took 2-4 minute only....It to fast..It is normal or somethings happen?My total drive is 2.8 Terabyte
  4. Should be settle then hopefully xD Also just now i check my system recovery why last month my saved recovery data missing??Right now i go system restore and no restore point is create???How is that happen?
  5. I didn't use IE xP But so far i using google chrome it ok Virus signature database: 8418 (20130606) Update module: 1042 (20130123) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1393 (20130516) Advanced heuristics module: 1139 (20130208) Archive support module: 1169 (20130521) Cleaner module: 1072 (20130524) Anti-Stealth support module: 1043 (20130322) ESET SysInspector module: 1233 (20130320) Real-time file system protection module: 1006 (20110921) Translation support module: 1100 (20121205) HIPS support module: 1071 (20130301) Internet protection module: 1051 (20121203) Database module: 1033 (20
  6. Window 7 Ultimate 64bit and NOD32 6.0.316...I recently just update my window file named Net.Framework 4.5 and it starting to happen(i think) then i uninstall back also same.So i perform system restore into earlier of may,the problem still happen.So i uninstalled firefox and install back also same....So right now i use google chrome today...so far so good
  7. This problem occur starting from last week,my pc sometimes will hang,lagg and freeze whenever i sufting the internet (mozila 21) and it not like it happen everytimes but almost everydays after using for quite a time.....Plus everytime it happen i nid to hard restart my PC....I already scan with ESS5 and malwarebyte but no virus was found so when i open with google chrome and so far it ok....It is related from broswer problem??
  8. accidently uncheck the box,now ok already thk u all so much
  9. This few day my update notification suddenly dissapear and how to set it back?
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