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  1. Sorry for the late answer, was absent for a few days. I Tested this with myself. If there is an potentially unwanted app i can decide (as an normal user) if i want to remove the PUA or keep it. Therefore we need an policy to automatically remove them.
  2. Hi i´m trying to get Potentially Unwanted/Unsafe Applications removed by the policy. The only KB article i found was kb5871 which is outdated. The only option i found in the Policies is to Set Reporting and Protection both to agressiv. Is there any way to remove them by policies without switching to agressive i.e. an seperated option? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, some of my clients revieded an E-mail containing something called DOC/Fraud.AAW Trojaner. The Body of the Mail get removed. Is there any possiblity to get the info what was in the Body of this specific information? We really need it to check why the Mail was not filtered out before. Greetings.
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