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  1. Malware running, you know what, I used a bunch of security tools and software including eset's online scanner and non detected any! The only one that detected it was malwarebytes which is my first time using it. pup.optional.systemspeedup, rootkit.necrus.l.64, trojan.agent, pup.optional.installcore.a It blocked windows update and I noticed my internet keeps disconnecting for seconds, when I called my internet provider today they told me my system was compromised with malware that is allowing a remote entity to relay spam through my system and Marcos confirmed malware as well when I sent him the log files. Why didn't eset's online scanner detect this?
  2. yes, no conflicting software Link sent.
  3. I bought this before yesterday and have been trying to install with no success, I tried the online/offline installers with same results. It 'rolls back action' and ends with an error that installation ended prematurely. I followed the steps in the knowledgebase but still the same. Base filtering engine service is present and running. I had AVG before and made sure that I completely uninstalled it, I even used ESET's AV removal tool. I also scanned for malware using ESET's tool as well, all seems fine. I generated the log files if somebody needs to look at it. Windows 7 64 pro Thank You
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