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  1. I'm getting this problem as well with Manjaro. I haven't tested enough with Fedora. But to temporarily fix it for myself, I restart eea via systemd. Evenutally it'll get slow again, but I'll just restart it again and it'll be fine.
  2. This seems to be working now. I've been using it for the last 1 1/2 hours, and /dev/shm is not filling up. I've tested on one laptop using ESET 8.1.3 on Manjaro with kernel 5.13. I also tested this on a freshly installed Fedora 34 running ESET 8.1.3 on the 5.12 kernel. Both seem to be going with no problems thus far. I'll update if the problem returns.
  3. I got 8.0.3 working with 5.4 as well. It's just my display is wonky pre-5.6.
  4. Well, I'll give it a try with the 5.13 kernel to see if that improves anything. My company is forcing me to upgrade from version 7, so I'll need to find some solution.
  5. Has anybody found a workaround for this besides downgrading ESET or the kernel?
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