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  1. Dear macro, I just would like to do the configuration when needed from my side without end user knowledge..but not Everytime the computer start up.
  2. Dear macro, Yes all our antivirus preconfigured with password. I need your help how can I perform the command to login to to workstation PC like below \\workstationip. How Can I using this xmlsigntool.exe to login to \\workstation ip\c$ inorder to perform this command ecmd.exe /setconfig \\workstation-ip\c$\C:\test\config.xml
  3. dear Macros. ecmd /getcfg \\local-ip\c$\C:\test\settings.xml i try this command it said command accepted than i get the setting export . same as i do it at local pc. however i try import back to the client pc same as i try on my local pc is unable to import in ... it is because my eset have set a security password?... im using ecmd /setcfg for client pc and my local pc still same unable to import
  4. Dear Macros, im trying to execute on my local pc, its work for export . after that i try import the setting into my eset on my local pc it return error executing command. ecmd /setcfg c:\config\settings.xml
  5. dear Macros. ecmd /getcfg \\local-ip\c$\C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Endpoint Security\settings.xml i try this command it said command accepted but i couldnt find the settings.xml in endpoint security folder...
  6. Dear Marcos, could you provide a guide line how to do point to a network..
  7. dear sir I wonder why ESET V6.5 web protect is not working even set block adult ,alcohol , criminal , the website not able to block by eset.. im using windows xp
  8. Dear Marcos, if im do it from my pc and using cmd and put end user local ip address is that possible to do it with this ways.
  9. Dear Sir /Madam i have question to import eset smart security v8 or v6.5 wtihout using GUI. because i do not want to let end user know what we are doing.. is that possible? may i know where is the location to cut and paste the xml file
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