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  1. Does the below snap mention that the auto-upgrade is disabled?
  2. Thanks MichalJ. Some of my ESET clients are servers. So i don't want to rush the updates to my servers through auto-update option. I didn't get any default policy option under ESET Management Agent policy.
  3. Hi All, I have the query about the upgradation of ESET protect from 8.0.19 to As per the change log of, the management agent will automatically upgrade on the managed computers(Clients). Once the ESET protect upgradation is done, does the agent upgradation start automatically? If yes, How to stop the trigger by default? I need to disable it without any triggers. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can we upgrade tomcat manually from V9 to V10 on ESET protect V8.1.13? Does Tomcat V10 supports ESET console.
  5. In order to fix some vulnerabilities, i need to apply some http headers. For normal windows, we use it through IIS. But IIS is not supported for ESET server. How can i apply it?
  6. Thanks MichalJ, Is it possible to upgrade from v8.0.1238 to V8.0.19?
  7. Thanks Marcos. Does the upgradation will affect the existing client connection?
  8. Hi, Is there any possibility to upgrade the ESET protect from the version 8.0.1238 to 8.0.19 on the fly? In case the upgradation went fine means, does the client machines needs to be discovered again? Thanks in advance.
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