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  1. Hello Kieran, thank you for answer. i'll check and let you know (we are helping our client). Can you point me where should i upload all necessary logs so you guys can try to handle this case? regards, David
  2. Hello Eset Team, we have critical problem with decrypting one of the workstations. None of suggested solutions works. Local support failed, so we are contacting international, maybe you guys will shed some light on this situation. - workstation is managed by EEE Server, TPM is disabled - on encrypted workstation ESET Endpoint Encryption is booting fine, after user / password input it goes further but Windows fails to start (Error: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible). Obviously we can't use Windows repair functions or get into cmd prompt. - we tried to decrypt disk with ESET Encryption Recovery Utility v1.0.44 but it shows error: Disk data does not show a valid file system so decryption cannot continue. - We used all options to decrypt with bootable pendrive (with DLP file generated & admin credentials) - Search disks for metadata found 4 GPT Partition Entries (which sizes correspond to real, decrypted disk structure) -Entropy statistics shows that data must be there Help & suggestions would be appreciated. regards, David
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