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  1. Oh so thank you so much for your support. I am appreaciated
  2. I don't know what is the purpose of this app. When I open Uninstall, I can not see the name of this app. I also tried to delete the folder and restart my computer. No pop up again. But is it okay now ? do I need to scan or do something to make sure my computer has no virus now ?
  3. sorry for up another post. I uploaded again the file with all data as I follow the tutorial in eset web. 688160463_essp_logs-all.zip
  4. Hello Marcos, I uploaded the logs collected file. Please check and thanks for your reply.
  5. Dear, Recently, I got the pop up from Eset - I am using Smart Security Premium version. It shows one unwanted application (win64/Coinminer.QG). the file is from C:\intel\update\update.exe I click CLEAN button and try to delete the folder [Intel], it will show up again after I restart my computer. I would like to have a solution for this problem. I am afraid my computer has virus. Thank you all
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