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  1. I spoke with an ESET technician this morning. He is sending the collected logs to the developers. No solution yet but the VPN seems to work if I do a custom install of ESET and do not install the network protection module. Not ideal but at least we have real-time AV protection. Hopefully ESET will have an answer in the next few days.
  2. We were using v7.3 and installed v8 today. It still seems to be blocking our OpenVPN server.
  3. Hi Marco, We tried all of that and it didn't make a difference. I'll raise a support ticket and see if ESET can resolve the issue. Thanks!
  4. Hello, We have installed ESET File Security for Windows Server v7.3.12006 on a server that is also running an OpenVPN server. As soon as ESET is installed the VPN stops working. Clients can still get an IP address but it looks like traffic is not being routed anywhere. Everything starts working fine again if we uninstall ESET. We have tried temporarily disabling protection as well as going into the advanced settings and disabling each entry in Network Attack Protection, Intrusion Detection, and Packet Inspection. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing the issue? Thanks!
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