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  1. Hello ESET forum users 😄 i am wanting to install Internet Download Accelerator and i see ESET says its a Virus. 😢 is it safe to uninstall ESET internet security and install the program? Please Let me know bye.
  2. Hello ESET. my moms pc use to connect to my Huawei LTE Router and she has got viruses and malware on her pc so it spread to my pc but before i installed windows 10 on my new hard drive i installed and updated and setup ESET internet security and i heard on Google that if a pc takes longer than usual to shut down or restart its cause of a virus. how do i clean my pc completely ? i ran a scan earlier today and the security software says no viruses.
  3. i got a Gaming PC and my mom connected her pc to my Huawei B525 LTE Router. now when i use Chrome some pages are blank like when i run out of Data i can still use Youtube cause i got a mobile Data Contract that comes with 10 Gigs Video Ticket which allows me to watch youtube with Zero Data! the youtube home page is a blank white page but when i do have data youtube loads fine. it was loading fine on my windows 10.0.19043.928 pc with out Her PC connected to my LTE router. how do i clean my PC ? i am using ESET internet security i have scanned my pc for threats and it says My PC is "Clean" but Youtube is a white page on Chrome.
  4. i am download on 4G LTE it should be downloading at over 4 Megabytes per second.
  5. i am trying to Download ESET internet security x64 from the website and it's Xtremely!!! Slow. 😠😡
  6. on my windows Ten must i run command prompt as admin on normal boot or only in Safe Mode? https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool i am a little confused on how to do it sorry.
  7. hello ESET. yesterday i tried to uninstall ESET but i had a password protection enabled on the settings so i continued to Delete ESET with IOBIT Uninstaller so? what happened was now ESEt is not on the Programs list of programs to uninstall with IOBIT uninstaller. i accidentally shredded all files of the program after the uninstaller ran but the program is still on the taskbar working 100%. do i have to format my pc or is there a way to fix this? on Windows 10. Regards Dean Abie Pepler.
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