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  1. all online devices were activated what about those that are shutdown in the office can expect the same procedure for all of them. what about the licence you just deleted off myeset licence manager can i reactived this as well. i can mark this as solved when there are no other devices have issues in the office. i will let you know when i am done reactivating everything.
  2. I don't wot your taking about and how this would resolve my issue but somehow after posting here the issue I had was resolved so I would mark this topic as solved but since activation only work on a local account signed device and not a domain I understand that I was the one making a mistake further more I have no need for a password manger in an antivirus & firewall I don't trust anybody with password I don't see how I can a third party on the net and any cloud connection toward the outside is blocked if it's not necessary to I find it a security threat that an antivirus would contently scan my network all day I'd suggest fixing all those things make it more light and useful instead of being so intrusive Other than that I would recommend it as a good security software
  3. hi can somebody please help out with this issue ! i am having trouple reactivating a device that was previously activated, the message in the licence manager says its not active for more than 2 weeks that can be possible since this seat is active everyday during the week in the office from 9 am to 5 pm and it is controlled by a DC Administrator to seriously i would know if it was the case i recently had to reactivate all my 10 devices that were on this particular licence this happened when i reached the installation of the 7th device and i wondering if this could be resolved before the end of this licence in january 2022
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