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  1. Sorry for my ignorance, Yes, I mean I buy one license for two devices Yes, I even used the same login account name for myESET, same Windows login (Microsoft Account) too, and both computers were online at the same time.
  2. Recently, I bought 2 (two) NOD32AV licenses for 1 year and plan to use them for 2 computers Both were stationary desktop computer (not a laptop) One for my school work and another one is for my home. What I don't understand is: When I enter the license (on both computers) why does my.ESET only assumes 1 license is used? (I'm not complaining, but if I get caught later, I don't want you to think I'm cheating/overusing my license) Now my main question is: Can I use 1 unused license for 1 another computer? (using share my license) Thank you for your attention, your reply help is appreciated
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