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    Jarod Stultz received kudos from MarcFL in HIPS "Notify User" Not Working   
    Thank you for this. I have been pulling my hair out for days trying to figure out why notifications were not displaying when both Desktop Notifications and HIPS blocking verbosity were set to Warning. Once I dropped desktop notifications to informative they started functioning properly. This is definitely a bug.
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    Jarod Stultz gave kudos to MarcFL in HIPS "Notify User" Not Working   
    Reported this bug to Eset:
    Details: My custom HIPS rules are set to "Notify User" and Logging Severity set to Warning.   Under Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity of events to display - It is also Set to "Warning".
    Bug:  No desktop notifications appear when a HIPS rule is triggered.  
    But they should appear because "Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity" is set to Warning AND the HIPS rule is also set to Warning.    
    Note: If Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity is set to Informative, HIPS notifications appear.    
    See Attached Screenshots and Forum post with all the details of this bug:
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    Jarod Stultz gave kudos to MarcFL in HIPS "Notify User" Not Working   
    Thanks for your reply.   The notifications should display when minimum verbosity is set to Warning as I explained.  I have no desire to set it to Diagnostic or Informative as a workaround.   I hope Eset fixes it.
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