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  1. Hello! I would like to create a Minecraft Server and i followed all the steps online tutials gave me and still i cannot open it. First i tried with the 25565 port which is the default port when creating a server. i called my internet provider and they told me that all prts that start with 25 are restricted ports. So i came up with the 35566 port number but it just still doesn't work. What i have already tried and done: 1; I set up a port forwarding in my router: My router model is 450M Wireless N Gigabit Router Model No. TL-WR1043ND 2; I set up firewall rules both for the incoming and the outcoming side with the 35566 port number: These are the in-going rules and these are the out-going rules: i am sorry that the screenshots are in hungarian but if it is needed i can translate but i am 95% sure that windows firawell rule settings are the same in every windows 10 version. 3; I also set up a port forwarding rule inside ESET with the following: So basically the port 35566 is enabled both ways and with TCP and UDP protocols and in the local and in the remote tab (the third) i also wrote the port number. I also tried that i dont write anything into the last two tabs but it also didn't work. But everytime i check that my por tis open, it alaways says that is closed I did everything that everyone is suggesting that should be done with the router and the windows side, so i am guessing that ESET isn't allowing me to do it. What could the problem be?
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