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  1. Yes, I want to keep data, but it looks like this: - network A in location 1 (class, currently ESMC is here, 200 devices - network B in location 2 (class, using ESMC in location 1, also 200 devices Locations are directly connected and communicate both ways. Now I want to copy whole ESMC, run it in my network with IP address (network B, class 10.X.X.X), but only with my devices (from network B). And my plan after cloning ESMC and changing IP address is to create policy in "old ESMC" for all agents created for devices in network B, to simply point "new" server and then cut out devices which belong to network A.
  2. Hello. Currently I am using ESMC (virtual machine) which is located in diffrent location, with diffrent IP address - we are sharing one ESMC, diffrent networks, diffrent devices. I want to create independent instance of ESMC (also virtual). My idea is to copy the virtual machine, change IP address and cut out devices from diffrent location. I am not sure if that will work and is possible, but after copying the virtual machine and hosting it in our network I will create new policy in old server, which will point agents to new server (with new IP address). I want to ensure myself that this solution will work. If there is a better way I would be grateful for help. Of course we will have two diffrent licenses for each server.
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