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  1. Hallo Marcos, no thank you that is no longer necessary. From now on UBUNTU is the OS I prefer. ESET works perfectly with UBUNTU.
  2. I bought the license and am waiting for a solution from ESET. If ESET no longer supports the Opensuse distro, I would like my money back. I think basically the rule applies, money for value. ESET should be that serious, right?
  3. One more consideration. If ESET Nod for Opensuse is not further developed, then this should be indicated on the download page. Because currently Opensuse is explicitly named as a supported distro. I think this is misleading as of Leap 15.3.
  4. First of all, thank you very much for your efforts. Of course, if Opensuse has few users, it makes no sense to invest a lot of work in an adapted version. Ok, then I have to use another distro, bye bye gecko linux. Only one thing I won't change, of course ESET.
  5. Thanks for taking care. Hopefully there is a solution because I really like both Opensuse and ESET, the best security Solution.
  6. After installing ESET NOD32 on the newly released Opensuse leap 15.3 with KDE, I am amazed to discover that ESET NOD 32 is not running. The installation didn't cause any problems. ESET will also request a restart. After the restart, the prompt to enter the user key did not appear. The ESET icon does not appear in the system tray either. According to KSysGuard, not a single ESET NOD process is running. Actually astonishing, because so far I had no problem with ESET, no matter which Opensuse version. Is there already a solution for it? I hope i'm not the only one with this problem.
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