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  1. Hi marcos, machines are all behind different Watchguard firewalls with different ISP's but they stay the same per machine. The error does not appear on my own machine(also watchguard firewall) with the same installation and the same connection to our own Protect server, and i dont have this issue. I dont have direct acces to the computers, so retrieving those logs is impossible at this time.
  2. Hi, we have multiple locations with seemingly random PC's showing this issue. reinstalling did not resolve the error. Any chance this is a problem in a new ESET Endoint update?
  3. Just buy an ESET license, its worth the small investment besides, you wont be able to connect to the cracked anti-virus update servers which means no virus definition updates which means you wont be protected against new threaths. virusses evolve, and thus so needs your anti-virus to properly protect your PC. Kind regads
  4. Hi Simon, when you move the PDF away from the USB onto your PC does it open properly? Gr. Tobias
  5. Hello Cabinet Office, I have experience with ESET Firewall causing some weird issues like this if it does not think your LAN network is a trusted network. I would advice you check if your Network is trusted by ESET via de "Known Networks" in the Firewall settings. Provided that the LAN network is a trusted Network managed by you and not accessible from lets say a public WI-FI acces point :). Please let me know if this helps, Kind regards, Tobias
  6. Hello Lethal, Theoretically it is possible to disable the ESET services on your computer (assuming you are using a Windows PC) i do not advice doing this. To be clear, my advice is to deïnstall ESET first then install your trail anti virus, why? because these anti-virussen although they will install and most likely work side by side, they will get in each others way inevitably, which means you wont get the most out of your trail. Disabling the ESET services through services.msc (you have to somehow disable ESET self protection first) theoretically disables ESET with leaving it installed. Hope this helps. Kind regard, Tobias
  7. Hello Codash, Why would you want to disable the pop-up? Instead you cloud / should remove or fix whatever threat its finding. Maybe i / we can help with that instead? Kind regards, Tobias
  8. The APK files you download and install on your phone cannot harm your PC as long as they don't contain a virus that somehow spreads over Wi-Fi to your PC which is quite unlikely. The same APK files cant be installed on your PC because they are made for your Phone. if you download and install them on a Mobile emulator on your PC i cant tell you what will happen, but i can imagine if it contains malicious software then your PC will be at risk. On another hand, i do recommend ESET virus protection for your PC if you download / install a lot of things from the internet. to keep you and your Data safe in the online world. Its not that expensive and it will keep you safe. ESET also offers an online scanner which you can download and use for free as a Single-Use scanning application to scan you computer if you suspect it is at risk, but it does not offer advanced features like real time protection.
  9. Hello Fazul, Downloading and installed modded or general APK's from website always comes with a risk, there is no catch all protection for this since you are authorising the downloaded app to be installed on your phone. which overrules built in protections. you were also required to allow APK's to be installed from the browser you use for this. that is the basic protection you have from this. the best thing you can do is only download APK's from certain sites you have used before. general red flag with installing downloaded APK's is no icon when you install them, a very different name of the file you downloaded then expected. there is most likely no program that will allow you to download APK's and simultaniously keep you safe. they will most likely block the APK from being installed rather then check if they are safe. also. many methods to provide paid Apps for free require some sort of maliciouis actions by the app to function properly, which makes them unsafe to begin with in the eyes of any any virus programs. I resorted to using LuckyPatcher to modify apps myself instead of relying on external sources, in my opinion this work fine, and is relatively safe (used it for years now on multiple phones) and it does'nt require Rooting the phone. Mind you that this is extremely illegal, you are pirating software. be aware of the laws in your country and the risk you are taking. Kind regards, Tobias
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