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  1. Thanks for the reply will let you know if this helps
  2. Morning i am sure that we all nKow that the Office 365 with eset endpoint stuck with updating inbox is a big problem with 8 pc that i installed 5 pc was stuck on updating inbox unable to Received mail you can remove eset and it will still be stuck on updating so you can google it there is no solution because eset is indexing the ost file and preventing it from getting mail that is fact ( BECAUSE I PHONE THEM) and the only way for the user to get mail is to remove cached exchange mode so that tells me with 100% certainty that the OST file is being use by a process that prevent it from getting mail I write this because i 100% belief in eset but i want know if there will be a fix for this or not not this run around look for solution if we know what the problem is this increase the IT cost that we have to account for yea it depend on the size of the ost file so some will take days to index and you will work on it like 3 to 4 time a day explaining and asking to leave the pc on until is done with the index or what ever it does
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