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  1. I have a fourth old computer that only has the standard antivirus for windows and this one nevertheless presented this problem. I am testing another antivirus, I am curious how my home network is being attacked every week. On the eset log the threat removes eset from the system entirely. on the network the computers are not infected at the same time, yesterday when it happened again with one the other 2 will continue to function normally. the infected computer yesterday he entered the windows login screen and quickly restarted, I even thought it was a memory failure, but when he returned he was already without eset, windows security center and update disable.
  2. Eset does not detect a threat. And the threat removes Eset, windows update and central security. After losing the windows security center, I used this Microsoft Support Emergency Response Tool program that detected the threats. Windows update and the security center no longer worked after detection and removal. I had to re-install the windows again.
  3. I have 3 computers at home all with eset internet security and even so I was contaminated by these files. Trojan: Win32 / CoinMiner.C! Rfn Trojan: Win32 / Tiggre! Plock already formatted and after 2 weeks it always appears on one of the computers
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