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  1. Well even though this offer is US based - Eset Smart Security is worth every penny. This is a 'state of the art' protective security software solution, completely without tons of bloatware - unlike many others. On top of that, we support the developers and the innovation process;)
  2. @rugk You are most welcome, and many thanks for your reply. Absolutely, I think it's important to spread the word - and as mentioned, I was not aware of this Social Scanner Feature, before I looked at your signature. I have used Eset for years - And I think there are many out there (Denmark) who currently are unaware of the amazing features and stability this software offers. So as an Eset fan, I feel obligated to be involved and help with spreading the word;)
  3. @Labview707 Eset is a very reliable and trusted anti-virus product and it's has been like that for years. One reason is it's not loaded with bloatware - it does exactly what it should do-->protect, use few resources, and be stable. Browsers are changing all the time and it would lead to heavy development and remove focus from the product itself. Keep focus on quality and stability - not bloatware! I have 3 paid licences and I'm really happy with the current development line. Personally i really prefer an ugly GUI, if the code behind is working flawless and provides the functionality it should without breaking anything. I couldn't care less with fancy bars and spinning wheels etc...However a clean and elegant application as it is now.
  4. WOW - cool and thanks for the tip. I actually took the liberty, to add some information about https://socialmediascanner.eset.com/ on my blog. I made this in danish as I believe there are many out there, who could use this feature and they need to know about it. The actual content I made is located here If it's against the Eset's Policy - I will of course remove the link above or modify the content on the blog, to live up to the expectations if needed. I also made a reference to this awesome video made by Eset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nDvXkQl_uU It's so cool!
  5. @rugk Brilliant - I was not aware of the exstince of https://socialmediascanner.eset.com/ before I looked at your signature. Fantastic feature, added on both facebook and twitter!
  6. Wonderfull Eset:) I have installed this new beta version, directly over Eset Smart Security 7 - Not one single problem so far. No memory consumption or other strange issues. In terms of the GUI - I have tried to review almost all functions, and so far no errors have been discovered. I will keep an eye and report if something should occur. hxxp://i.imgur.com/4Jqpav6.png hxxp://i.imgur.com/QtfwUn9.png
  7. Yep, we all need to be patient and supportive as well! However it's still fascinating to follow and see how it goes. And Eset Smart Security Version 7 is working flawless - I haven't had any issues once.
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