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  1. Hello, We have a problem with add new admin in EEE Server. We add user and role but when user try to log in receive error message: ErrObj stack : ReferenceError: success is not defined at callback (eval at success (https://xxx/dlpes/js/pl-PL/dlpes_core.js?3.0.0:11:26), :84:20) at e.Flyweight.afterFx (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:46372) at e.Flyweight. (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:43586) at g.AnimBase. (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:21059) at g.AnimBase.m (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:21739) at h.Event.fire (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:3699) at g.AnimBase.m (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23061) at h.Event.fire (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:3699) at Object.unRegister (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23522) at Object.stop (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23784) message : success is not defined Triend on few pc's. Older users can log in to the server without problems.
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