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  1. Ok, I tried to install the downloaded version of the antivirus but it said that my version of windows is outdated. Gonna try an older version which I did before but I couldn't authenticate it. I would like a solution soon if possible 'cause I need to take the computer back to them and I'd like it to be with antivirus. The problem is if I buy it, I won't get it here on time and if I try to download it, I don't get a serial. Any suggestions? ------------ Tried to do the sp1 update and got an error: It said that windows could not search for updates. 0 results for "WindowsUpdate_80072EFE" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
  2. Ok, I tried both of those and it told me those updates did not apply to computer. I downloaded a trial version from eset and let's see if it works. Could you take me step by step how to validate the antivirus once I have a license? Where do I get user name and password which I have on my version? Thanks George
  3. Guys, I bought a NOD32 used (lack of money) and now, I can't seem to activate it. It is for someone that helped me out with someone so I am setting up a computer for them. It's ready to go except for the antivirus. I have a license number but having problems and it's been so long since I activated anything that I don't remember what I'm supposed to do. I've been using this for some ten years or longer now and love it but my memory sucks and I don't remember where I get user name and login from. What are the steps? Can I just buy any version and it'll work on win 7 or? Because I live off 750 a month, I don't have money for the latest updates and I also usually prefer older versions of most programs anyway so I've been buying nod32 when I find specials (for me and my friends) on newegg or sometimes, I go to ebay and buy an older copy with a key. Normally that works fine for me but this time I'm having problems and I want them to have antivirus before they go online. Thanks George
  4. Setting up a computer for a friend and trying to install nod32 but when trying to install the latest version, it told me it didn't work on my version of windows. Can you guys give me a download link to nod32 antivirus (only need the antivirus) that will work with a 32 bit version of windows 7? Also, will I be able to update the virus definitions? I have a password by the way. Thanks George
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