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  1. I expect ESET to support browsers outside IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox as and when they become reasonably popular in use. Browsers like Brave, Opera, Yandex etc probably used by millions combined and we cannot ignore them.
  2. Thanks for the helping out and it works. Why can't ESET do this on its own instead of its user had to go through this ? One of the features I love in ESET AV is its exceptional Web Filtering capability and if it doesn't work as consistently across usage scenarios then its a turn off. Regards
  3. Hello, I am a long term ESET customer. I switch browsers occasionally and currently using Brave browser. I suspect NOD32 doesn't support web filtering on Brave Browser. I observed NOD32 simply failed on AMTSO phishing test page at https://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-phishing-page/ while using Brave Browser. However the same test page was flagged successfully by NOD32 while on Microsoft Edge (chromium) browser. Please add web filtering support on Brave Browser if it was not there. Regards
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