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  1. Yes I just did that and sent the files to Marcos DM 😃 Thank you
  2. Thank you very much. Is there a way to get deleted files after ESET deletes them from my PC since when I tried to download those files ESET found a threat and removed the file... Maybe there is some kind of trash bin on my server which containts those files in this case I need to contact my hosting provider.
  3. Okay you were right, there were suspicious files on the server directory which did not download to my backup folder, so I deleted all of them since I had no idea what were they. Now that they are deleted there is something else I suppose since the page is still not accesible. Picture shows suspicious files which I downloaded to my PC backup folder and on the right the server directory which is empty. May I just ask how did you find the malicious files since every virus search that I do says there is no problem with the site...
  4. Hello, But I do not see such file in the directory neither on page source code... Picture is displaying directory files:
  5. Hello, thank you for your answer. May I just ask where can you see that file becuase I have searched the whole directory and I do not find it... Also view source code does not display this .js file...
  6. Hello, recently I found out that if you access my website with ESET antivirus installed on your computer the ESET software warns you about possible malware on that website. Sorry that the picture is in slovenian basicaly it says that ESET found a possible threat and it does not advise you to continue to website. Do you want to continue yes or no? My first thought was to paste my link in online website malware checker and it says that there is no threat available ( https://www.virustotal.com/gui/domain/mindmaze.si/detection ) My second thought was that plugins and themes co
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