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  1. Hi ESET team, We are using ESET in a bit of odd way. We have our Eset protect server AND we are using the Eset Direct Endpoint Manager plugin for ConnectWise Automate. Reason for this: we've got MSP customers fully managed via ConnectWise, but we also have customers that just consume ESET licenses for their company, Now there's a feature I realy would like to have: Agent-Only deployment. DEM is able to deploy security products in a very effcient way. I love the way it works and would like to use it. But i just want to enroll the ESMC agent without security product. The reason for this is that we have set all automation, policies and tasks in ESMC. I dont want to do this in Automate to avoid conflicts and strange behaviour. So please make an option to deploy the live installer (Bat file) only using DEM. As a second request: please keep the plugin updated. The plugin comes with an internal monitor called "ESET DEM - Product Upgrade Available". However, the versions in Automate are very mutch behind: So this monitor triggers on every single computer with ESET Endpoint Security v8 for example. Sure i'm able to add some values to the database table myself. But that's not "User friendly". Feel free to reach out to me if more information is required. Kind regards, Bas van der Zanden
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