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  1. When I installed ESET, Qihoo 360 was turned off, it will not interfere with the installation of ESET. If Qihoo 360 causes system damage, then the damage was caused before ESET was installed, so uninstalling Qihoo 360 will not work. Today I tried it on my laptop (I also uninstalled Kaspersky and installed Qihoo 360), and everything worked fine. This is so weird
  2. Qihoo 360 has no anti-virus capabilities at all, I only use it to clean up files such as operating system caches. After uninstalling Kaspersky, I used Qihoo 360 to clean up the windows registry. But usually I don’t allow Qihoo 360’s process to start with windows. Maybe Kaspersky or Qihoo360 damaged the registry and caused ESET's problem
  3. You are right👍 that Eset's .dll does not exist in the process But i don't know why😢
  4. I can still drag the file into ESET to scan,It's just not very convenient😞
  5. exe、doc、xls、jpg、mp4、dll、rar、zip....anything you can think of,all the same... Only right-click on the folder the scan option will appear I used to use Kaspersky(already uninstalled),Maybe it caused a problem with my operating system so,let it be,I can bear it and Thank you very much! Your help makes me feel good about ESET
  6. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\ESET Security Shell do exists but its default value is {B089FE88-FB52-11D3-BDF1-0050DA34150D},and I can't edit it I have reinstalled ESET,the problem still exists
  7. Windows 7 Sp1 ESET NOD32 Antivirus 14.1 Right-click on the folder,I can find the scanning options. But right-clicking on a single file,there is no scanning options😭 Is this normal?
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