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  1. Believe me, if you had anything to say you wouldn't ignore me As I said earlier, you only have excuses, and it is natural that you do not have words to say
  2. Since you cited an article, I would like to draw your attention to that article as well from the same source https://me.pcmag.com/en/security-suites/1957/kaspersky-internet-security "But I have a bewildering question, why Eset Internet Security's Behavior Detection System not been evaluated or tested in an article on the same source? Is it possible that Eset Internet Security does not have a real behavior detection system in order to be tested and to show the test results in the article? !!"
  3. I hope that the day will come when Eset Internet Security have a strong enough behavior detection system ,to read an article about one of the strong viruses that managed to pass through Because it is not smart to write an article in which we are talking about a powerful virus that has managed to pass through a weak system that relies only on a signature database ... It will not be interesting
  4. I didn't mention Bitdefender or even Kaspersky bullet-proof !! But at least they have a real behavior detection system, even if it is not bulletproof, but it exists, strong and effective at least Eset Internet Security should reach their level of detecting malware behavior I don't want you to create bulletproof software, but at least you have to get to their level and then you can criticize one of their mistakes. I am here neither defending nor biasing one party over another party's expense I am here making it clear that you cannot say that you have a security system capable of detecting malicious behavior while it does nothing more than just detect malware through Signatures Since Bitdefender is not strong enough to deal with bullets So your mission should be easy to get to that level of behavior detection Is that not true ?!
  5. Now what you have to do is provide real answers First, what is Behavioral Detection from Eset's point of view? Is it only harmful files detected through Signatures database? So why did your software fail to detect and respond to the ransomware? If we said that if the program database was updated, the malicious file would have been detected and blocked !! Well we can say that but that's not called Behavioral Detection This is just a malicious file detected by its Signatures This is what any cheap anti-virus can do !
  6. By the way, I have a question What if that sample was on the device of an Eset Internet Security customer on that day that the database was updated How would Eset Internet Security counter it? Was your software going to ask the user whether it was testing malware samples ؟ or was it supposed to protect him?
  7. Do you know what the difference is between you and Bitdefender or Kaspersky? When your software is failed to counter the attack, you do nothing more than justify and try to invent weak excuses. But Bitdefender and Kaspersky are working on developing their software so that real security software are able to protect their customers from any threat, whatever the circumstances. Now do you have anything useful to say? Does your question justify that failure?
  8. Well, here I will review what happened in detail, and I will send what was done through the logs collected process. Initially, this is the same sample, but with Bitdefender As it is evident in the attached six screen shots, Bitdefender has not received updates for days, "and this is so that the test is fair." When scan the sample and because it is not in the "Signatures" database, Bitdefender finds that the sample is not a malicious file But once the file was run, Bitdefender detects it from its own behavior Not only that, the malware has already managed to encrypt some files, but Bitdefender has recovered them as part of the disinfection process. Now, here is what happened on the side of Eset Internet Security: Also as shown in the screenshots I used the same sample and it was also not detected when I scan because it is not in the Signatures database But this time when running the sample was not detected and Eset Internet Security did not take any action about it !! And to prove that it does nothing more than just detected malware in the Signatures database, I updated the database and only then was the malicious file detected. Note that the files that were encrypted were not recovered as happened with Bitdefender Please explain how the files collected through ESET Log Collector will be sent to you Is it by mail or do I upload the file here in the replies?
  9. The software does nothing more than just have a list of "Signatures" through which it identifies malicious or suspicious files, otherwise it is useless.. What made me say this is my own experience with it, my laptop was offline for three days, only three days without receiving updates that made eset internet security useless, I opened a file from a removable disk that I didn't know was harmful and now all My files are encrypted by Ransomware !! You at Eset are Experts when it comes to making excuses, and when someone tests your software, You accuse him of doing it incorrectly, or having disabled some features of the software. Now what do you say about what happened to me? I did not disable any of the software's features. Just all that happened is that the software did not receive updates for three days !! Isn't this a simulation of what would happen if I was exposed to a zero-day attack from one of these Ransomware ? You have to do something real about detecting malware and ransomware through its behavior
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