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  1. Follow-up question in case someone can provide some insight on this- It appears nod32 for Linux is in a legacy/EOL status. Is there another eset product I should purchase (through an official reseller, this time!) that would be a better choice for long term Linux protection?
  2. You are correct, the problem was purchasing via Amazon, they went out of their way to make the 'eset store' look legitimate, and Marcos confirmed via PM that they do not sell through Amazon. Thank you both for your time!
  3. I purchased eset multi-device security (3 devices, one year) from Amazon.com on 5/4, but was only provided with a 'license key'. I have seen other forum threads where users in this scenario were able to send the license key through direct forum message in order to obtain the username and password combination that is required for activating eset nod32 on Linux. I thought about replying to another thread with this same situation but decided it would be best to create my own thread instead of commingling my issue with someone else's.
  4. I know others have experienced this issue, and I attemped to contact customer support and provided them with my license key (3 device key, but I only need one at the moment); however, they have been unable to provide me a username and password that I can use to activate the product on my Ubuntu Linux machine. Can someone with the knowledge of how to do so please respond? I will happily send a direct message with my name and license key to any eset employee who can assist me in this matter. Thank you!
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