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  1. Hello, I would like to add, we are using this same installer for many computers, and like 5% are experiencing this "localhost" problem. So I guess hostname should be correct in policy, P_HOSTNAME, etc ... Logs from problematic computer are in attachments. I edited this .bat installer to download .MSI from our local fileservers, when I try to install it from official ESET repository, it seems it is OK. All I changed is URL set url=\\*.cz\instalace$\ERA\agent_x64.msi echo.packageLocation = "!url!" So, there might be problem? Thank you ESET logs.rar PROTEC
  2. Hello, We have problem with Eset management agent deployment on some computers. I generated install .bat file via eset management console with right settings. Some computers are ok, some are still trying to connect to localhost, which is annoying. 2021-05-07 10:55:12 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 2fd0]: CAgentReplicationManager: Replication finished unsuccessfully with message: InitializeConnection: Initiating replication connection to 'host: "localhost" port: 2222' failed with: GetAuthenticationSessionToken: Failed to fetch device session token in timeReplication details:
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