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  1. Every time I launch Outlook, I get a red-bannered pop-up from ESET that says it found, quarantined and cleaned a PDF from my email. I use Outlook 365 and gmail. I have Mac OS 11.3. The ESET message gives the path to the object (see below), but I cannot find it because ESET deletes it. I tried temporarily disabling ESET's email protection and anti-pfishing in order to find the object, but nothing. I have even deleted all emails from the time period that this started happening (about 2 weeks ago) directly from the gmail server. Still no change. This is very annoying and makes me wonder if my computer is compromised. I have also done several deep scans with ESET but it says everything is fine. Here is the message from ESET's log file: 4/28/21, 7:06:30 PM Real-time file system protection file /private/var/folders/kz/_gmf3w856cxd4jzcnlbm6pkr0000gp/T/com.microsoft.Outlook/Outlook Temp/Factura[5RFv].pdf PDF/Phishing.A.Gen trojan cleaned by deleting Event occurred during an attempt to access the file by the application: /Applications/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Outlook (1B25B3A4BA9C8E57B49B569DD549CACD11DB6C27). 9A0CE151B4D4CB2FFAF24EB825CC2EF670E25D53 28. 4.2021 19:06:29 What to do? Thank you for any help.
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