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  1. I have just copy and paste ESET sysrescue img file in the usb ,, is there any other way to make a sysrescue bootable usb
  2. I have download the ESET Sysrescue .img file and transfer to the usb . When I restart the computer and connect usb , nothing will show in the window “” means computer restart in normal way “” I am using window 7 prof
  3. If I update the Signature database version is not changing ,, it is showing the same ,, the mirror file I am downloading from server computer and installed in the client computer,, the worm is in client computer .
  4. How to run ESET sysrescue , it is there in ESET nod 32
  5. I have MSIL/AGENT AY worm in my computer . Worm is creating file in all the folder . I am using ESET nod 32 . I cannot update the virus signature database with latest update version . It is showing 17853 (20180809). When I delete all the file in mirror folder again some additional file created . Please suggest me how I can remove the worm from the computer .
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