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  1. Thanks Marcos for pointing out the log location. I found the laptop had this error: failed to process http request 20014 I pushed a policy (on this laptop as a test) and changed the server from hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1 to hxxp://repositorynocdn.eset.com/v1 and the install worked this time. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Marcos, the policy worked well. The uninstall client task worked quite well too. However, the install client task doesn't seem to work on every laptop... I got a spare one with me which never gets the install and I don't know why (it has the lastet agent version installed though).
  3. Hello Marcos, I just tried it but the process asks for a password I don't have / can't find... (and was missing from the uninstall client task which may explain why it didn't work). Is there a way to retrieve that password from EMSC for exemple?
  4. Hello, After changing the client task from EES to EEA, this did not solve the issue. The machines with EES still have EES and won't install EEA instead. I also tried to create a client task uninstall EES and targeted those laptops but it failed miserably... Could you help me and tell me what is the best solution to remove the EES from those laptops and install EEA instead on them please? Thanks KInd regards, Romain
  5. I found the license key and tried to enter it manually but it failed saying: Activation Failure: The license and the product do not match. After checking, MichalJ was right. The client task install was for EES while the license is for EEA (which explains why the all in installer worked on the other hand). Now I'm trying to check if I can remove the EES to install the EEA on those machines instead. Thanks Kind regards, Romain
  6. The Endpoint Security only shows "Security Alert: Product not activated The security ESET product is not activated and your computer is not protected. Buy a license to receive the updates or activate the ESET security product if you already have a license" (sorry, it's my translation from French to English, it might not be exact). Where could I find the event log please so I could copy paste here? Concerning the manual activation, I don't know where/how to find the license key... could you please help me find it on the webconsole maybe?
  7. Thanks for the clarification Marcos. It is for EEA on the laptops. Do you have any idea on how to resolve my issue please?
  8. Dear MichalJ, Actually, the product activation I used to reactivate the license doesn't show any failure, like it worked perfectly except that when I check on them, it still shows that the product is still not activated (& they still show up in the group "non activated security product"). On a side note, I don't know what EES & EEA are, so I couldn't answer on this part, sorry.
  9. Hello, I used the client task (software install) in order to update from 7x version to 8.1.2031 version. However, I didn't set it up correctly in the first place and forgot to setup the ESET license on this client task. I got several (19) laptops with the latest version but all of them show the product is not activated. I launched a client task Product Activation on those machines but unfortunately, it didn't work On a side note, I also created the all in one file with the license and tested it on 2 machines. The install worked perfectly except that one of them also lost its license while the first one (mine) still has it... really weird...? Could you help me reactivate the license for these please? (What am I missing? I'm not an ESET expert so anything could have been wrong here lol) Thanks! Romain Nb: I added the license to the client software install task later so this should not happen again, hopefully
  10. Hello, After doing a backup of the MySQL database & other stuff to backup, I'm trying to update the ESMC through the web console, I get this error message: Failed to create task: The referenced repository package is not available I checked the repository and it is set to AUTOSELECT. The update server is set to AUTOSELECT too. Could you help me update ESMC please? Thanks Kind regards, Romain
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