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  1. hi i install eset 9,new version is very nice but i have a question in update section,in version 5 till 8 we change value PackageFeatures for enable offline update section,but in version 9 i dont see that section with change PackageFeatures value.... we how can doing offline update?
  2. thanks ESET Moderators but i no need export registy key... Assume i have this user and password: Username: TRIAL-0145960142 Password: jsdhh2sbdm now i insert this username and password in eset antivirus. now when i goto registry section: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Plugins\01000400\Profiles\@My profile and i see in Password key value is : 0b,d6,a7,e9,b9,f0,93,f2,33,64,07,ad,c4,c8,7b,75,88,31,46,bc antivirus with which algorithm convert: jsdhh2sbdm TO 0b,d6,a7,e9,b9,f0,93,f2,33,64,07,ad,c4,c8,7b,75,88,31,46,bc ? i how can manually convert jsdhh2sbdm To REG_Binary ?
  3. hi i need to convert a string password for sample (jsdhh2sbdm) to eset binary password and write that on eset registry password value.... I should use what method and algorithm?
  4. Thanks all friends i see a way! but i have a problem... i change PackageFeatures value number, now i see section offline update show and section product update hide! There is no way that section offline update is hide and product update hide?! Regards
  5. thanks all friends but we must find a way ... eset 7 installed in some pc of a company,and i must in every way disable that button,because staff sometimes push that button.....
  6. im sorry now antivirus has been updated hxxp://s1.xum.ir/2014/11/19/a.1.png in this picture you see a button with name check for updates (in product update section) now i use from eset version 7 and i dont want update eset to version 8 and i want when i click in this button [ check for updates (in product update section) ] antivirus dont check latest version and show that for new version.... What I do??? Thanks
  7. thanks my eset product is activated now hxxp://s1.xum.ir/2014/11/19/XUntitled.png thanks
  8. hi i use from eset version 7 and i need a way to disable product update in section Update. see this picture please: hxxp://s1.xum.ir/2014/11/19/00Untitled.png i how can disable check for update? thanks
  9. Oh god! speed is very quickly i test know and i see this problem Fixed thanks
  10. hii yesterday download new version of eset smart security and when setup that i see setup has download a new version!i open site eset.com and goto eset smart security download page,when i select windows edition x86 and select english language then see version 8.0.304.1 for download and after download and open software for install i again see version 8.0.304.0 !!!!! if this is a problem?! if There is a way for download setup 8.1.304.1 msi file? thanks
  11. really i use a program for remove eset At times when The program is not properly cleaned. If the user does not uninstall your antivirus and use my program for remove eset then internet access Access System To the Internet interrupted. no,connection exist but As though the modem is off!but that is on!!!! It is possible program for download and Test i put here?
  12. hi sumetimes after remove eset my internet disconnected and i can fix that,unless i reinstall and remove that again! when this problem occurs i how can fix that? thanks
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