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  1. Dashboard is telling me to update workstation agent to 8.0.1238 on my windows pcs. Only option to select is ESET Protect for Linux servers. Guess I'll just open a ticket.
  2. Here are a couple screen shots of what I'm seeing.
  3. Yes, I have upgraded the ESMC to ESET Protect 8.0.2225. I'm wondering if that is the issue and why no Management Agent versions are available for me to choose.
  4. Dashboard telling me to upgrade Management Agent on workstations from 7.2.1266 to 8.0.1238. When I go into my previously set up task, it's not giving me the 8.0.1238 version as an option. Only ESET Security Mgmt Center Server 7.2.2233 for Linux is an option. My pc's are all Windows. Any suggestions?
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