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  1. WOW.. I did not know that. Thank you. You have been very helpful. I may just give eset a try. It can't hurt. Again thank you so very much for your time and all your help.
  2. I didn't click delete when closing, but when I look at the files under the folder you suggested, it is all encrypted, with names like this: 0B11FE5F29F0F554107672130B5BF000882A51F1.NQF I guess all my programs are lost..
  3. I recently ran the eset online scanner (Monday.. today is Wednesday.. Yes it took 3 days to do a full scan on all my connected hard drives).. I wanted to recover a few of the files that eset deleted, so I check marked them and clicked on recover, this was last night.. And now I get no-response from the eset program. HOW do I get back the files that I lost? And yes I let it run all night.
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