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  1. Hi everyone, So i have update my ESET Server from ESMC to ESET Protect, and update Agent is done by now launching the custom Task. Thank you very much for your speed and nice support. Best Regards
  2. All right, i update ESET EMCS to ESET PROTECT , so the task you describe previously update ESET Agent and Eset Antivirus for the selected target?
  3. I don't know what i have to chose, if i chose ESET protect it gonna be upgrade my Eset server ?
  4. Here what i've got, i don't have the "ESET PROTECT COMPONENTS upgrade task" option.
  5. Hi Marcos, Thanks to reply to my aggressiv post. From eset webconsole i have no task to update agent, i can update modules but not agent. When i run the update modules task my agent is not be updated. I loss many times to do it manualy.
  6. Hi im an it guy who work for an IT company, we have an eset server and deploy eset agent by GPO. When i have to update eset agent on a remote host (who is not connect with DC at startup) i take about 2hours or 3 hour and the update process is different from host to another host. My question is " Does one day you gonna do a simple way to update agent?" Like you know every software in this world. I am fed up to lose so many time to update your software -_- I never seen this before. Best Regards
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