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  1. The thing is, all this IPs are showing up at CMD, and im finding them it those commands (netstat, netstat -a -b), not ESET. From ESET i just get comunications blocked, that must be because of the IP like u refered. @itman
  2. How is that? ESET can support me in my Country? If not, should i show this reports to the store (honest and trust worthy people) once again? Im still waiting for my ISP, could take hours or days.. @itman I really dont know any other kind of service that i can contact, you have been one of the biggest helps that ive had so far. Thank you for that.
  3. Hmmm ok... i really conserned about this. Rn it doesnt shows up those ips but its showing a ipv6 adress that i took print screen and this time connection its established. My pc just "crashed" or something, it was like he reboot but kept on... everything disappeard, right side icons... just like a transition you know? went to check the cmd netstat command again, it wasnt there. when it was i used netstat -a -b to see where he was connected, it was connected to spoolsv.exe, i dont have a printer. I saw the file in w32 folder, so i dont really understand why this is happening.
  4. @itman For real? So why does IPQualityScore.com says that those IPs are very dangerous? they rate them above 90 in a scale of 0-100? Also, ive seen a website that shows reports from users in last days. And why im i being connected to a USA ISP? (Windows Related?) Sorry for my ignorance on this topic. Thank you once again.
  5. @itman @Marcos quick update about this topic : Went to the pc store that installed ESET on my machine, they saw the events and i showed them your replys about this situation. They told me as well that this might the problem. We checked some IPs that were showing up at CMD using "netsat" and nothing was wrong. It was so much things to talk about that i forgot to check 2 IPs with them that i saw bad info about that online. Those are the IPs that i found in CMD : (timewait) (timewait) They come back to some Verizon company and another one c
  6. Ok, thank you for your support and time! I will contact my ISP to check this situations. @itman
  7. really? thank you for that! does that means that i might have something malicious in my network that changed those informations? Imma call my ISP tomorrow talking about this information.
  8. Sorry! Dont know why that wrote in Portuguese. So, about the 169.254.xxx ive seen a post that says that is a normal thing. Thank you for that! About DHCP, everything that i saw is that DHCP is a protocol that allows PC connect to each other in the same network. right? The thing is, this is my home network and besides the ISP devices, theres nothing else connected. Ive seen the DHCP option in the admin page of my router and everything that i saw was my Laptop and my Box. About the other logs (uPnP, Netbios, etc...) is this a dangerous problem? Im thinking about calling
  9. Obrigado pela sua atenção Senhor! Então, cerca de 169.254.xxx ive já vi um post que diz que é uma coisa normal, obrigado por isso também! Sobre o DHCP, tudo o que vi é que é um protocolo que permite que os computadores se conectem entre si (certo?) Acontece que esta é a minha rede doméstica e, além dos dispositivos ISP, não há mais nada conectado. Eu vi a opção DHCP na página de administração do meu roteador, tudo que eu vi é meu laptop e a caixa de TV. Podem ser eles tentando se conectar? Sobre os outros logs (uPnP , Netbios , etc...) este é um problema p
  10. ps - it only pops up at troubleshooting when i connect to my network and i can keep using it that it doesnt shows up unless i disconnect and connect again.
  11. Obrigado pela sua resposta! É o seguinte: ano passado, tive um acesso indesejado no meu roteador e acho que ele estava infectado. Eu mudei de roteador duas vezes, novo laptop, coisas de ISP e etc ... Então, estou supondo que meu IP e DNS foram alterados quando eles (ISP) instalaram um novo dispositivo (roteador) e eles me dizem que fizeram isso, então estou confiante nele. Acabei de instalar o ESET na semana passada, não sei realmente como ler algumas coisas e não sou um especialista em rede .. Resumindo, isso é normal? Eu deveria estar preocupado com esse coms bloqueado?
  12. Hello guys. A few days i posted something related with a ICMPv6 blocked from my router and i keep getting this blocked comunications. ESET doesnt detect any kind of malware or problem with my network. Can someone tell me what this blocked coms mean? The mac adresses and ips are hidden but they belong in my network. (my router and my pc) The big question that i have is - Is someone tracking something from my router besides my ISP? I dont use VPN but i checked my DNS leaks and its all conected with servers from my ISP. (Dont know if its important,
  13. @itman i really dont know if IPv6 is the type of conectivity of my pc. Yes, Vodafone is my ISP. Yes the TV is from the ISP also. (TV Box)
  14. @itman should i worry about it? its some kind of malware or some kind of attack to my router? im a noobie in this kind of stuff and i just installed ESET 3 days ago. Thank you for your reply!
  15. Hello! So today i went to check my router in troubleshooting wizard (my router is blocked) and i noticed that i had some ICMPV6 notification in details. Details - Com denied by rule. / 5x Its in portuguese sorry. Blue text refers to "block ICMPV6 comunication" Is this normal? Thank you.
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