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  1. No, I don't want to disable Anti-Theft, but I don't want a Phantom account either. If I disable Anti-Theft everything will be ok, but I don't want to disable my whole Anti-Theft thing only because of* a notification. I just wanted to make sure that there's no way to have Anti-Theft without a Phantom account. Basically, making a phantom account in this situation doesn't make sense, I already have an admin account without password protection, so basically that "Phantom account" will get full access, so there's no point of making it, and that's why I don't want a Phantom account, but I want anti-theft
  2. Hi, I'm Saman, and I noticed that there's a warning every time I boot into my laptop, it says that my Anti-Theft is not fully optimized, when I click on that, it says I need to make a phantom account, but I don't want to make a phantom account for several reasons : 1 - My pc has auto-login on so there's no point of making that, ESET thinks every account is "password protected" but there's only 1 account and it's without password 2 - My laptop is slow, it takes a long time to boot, and I don't want to make it even longer as having 2 accounts makes the login screen take longer because of the personalization options 3 - I don't want a random account without password on my pc 4 - It won't actually help me, I just want anti-theft, not the phantom account Sadly, there's no option to dismiss/ignore this (I think) , I get it on every time I boot, on the site, and, it's just annoying. I hope the dismiss option gets added soon. Or maybe I just can't find it, anyways... Thanks for reading.
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