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  1. User interface bug or not? EEA v6.2.2021 "user interface elements" (see 3_1.jpg) ->"application statuses" -> I disable "license expired" (I tried and others)(see 3_2.jpg). Thereafter message in "protection status" (see 2.jpg) disappeared, but message in tray not disappeared. (see 1.jpg)
  2. Confirmed bug in new EEA 6.1.2227 on Win7x64 SP1 and Windows Live Mail
  3. EEA 6.1.2222.1 When I press in "System tray icon"-"Pause protection"-"Time interval: 10 minutes" all module disable. After 10 minutes all module enable, except "Email client protection" ("Web and email"-"Email client protection = Disable" and orange icon in "System tray icon"). "Email client protection" can be enable manually. PC config Windows 7x64 SP1 and Windows Live Mail
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