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  1. @Marcos during the past few days i created 8 exclusions and i still get several hundred notifications per day all these are exclusions via "detection" as described by you do you have a idea what else i can try?
  2. Today i received about 500 notifications from ESET about potentially unsafe applications with EFI/CompuTrace.A What else can i do or check?
  3. ok, i deleted all the exclusion and created one new exclusion as described by Marcos. i will watch this the days and give you feedback about the outcome
  4. @itman Yes i tried all 3 options (see screenshot) When i check via ESET Protect the client details of my laptop is the all the exclusions. Attached i uploaded the log files collected via ESET Log Collector ees_logs.zip
  5. Hello, i already googled and searched in the forum for a solution but could not find any. Since weeks our weekly deep scan on our clients is finding the "EFI/CompuTrace.A" as an POTENTIALLY UNSAFE APPLICATIONS. This is not the case this is a a false detection. I also tried some suggestions from this articel: https://support.eset.com/en/kb6567-you-receive-an-eset-uefi-detection The main problem i have is that i create exclusions for the detection and every week i got thousands of findings for this error. When i got an finding i login on the eset protect server -> go to "Detections" -> select the EFI/Computrace findings->Actions -> create Exlusion-> i Tried all 3 options an the target for the exclusions is always "all" . But i still receive thousands of detections every time the deep scan is running. Deactivating the POTENTIALLY UNSAFE APPLICATIONS scan is not an option. How do i fix this problem? Kind Regards
  6. Hello MartinK, i could identify the cause of the problem. Our firewall blocked the HTTP connection because of our application control within the firewall. Everything was fine on layer 1,2 and 3. thanks for your help
  7. i can download the metadata3 file from this link hxxp://repositorynocdn.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/era/agent/metadata3 when im on the EP server. But only with the internet explorer, chrome isnt working. The Server Firewall is deactivated for the tests, only the datacenter firewall is up. i asked our network guys and they told me the firewall is not blocking. at ->server settings-> advanced settings-> "using Proxyserver" is disabled (this settings describes how the EP server reaches the internet?) at-> Repository i set -> hxxp://repositorynocdn.eset.com/v1 at-> Server settings-> Updates -> Update Server "Autoselect" -> delayed update King regards
  8. @MartinK i restartet the "EP Server" - Service and Uploaded the Logs trace0.log i hope these a helpful and give us a hint about the problem trace1.log trace2.log trace3.log trace4.log trace5.log trace.log
  9. @MartinK are the provided information helpful?
  10. Hello MartinK, i uploaded the trace.log from the EP Server. I put a VM in the same subnetwork as the EP server and the agent status is still unknown /grey. I also triple checked the name resolving, on the VM with nslookup and ping. The client can resolve the IP of the EP Server. The problem is not only on windows clients also on MAC OS, Windows 10 Clients and Windows Servers. Could you tell me what i should check within the configuration policy's? Best Regards trace.log
  11. Hello MartinK, thanks for your reply. I am using MSSQL Server 2014. I uploaded a short summary of logs from a client From the client i can reach the server on port 2222, tested with telnet. How do i determine this? Best Regards log.txt
  12. Hello, i have the following problems with our ESET Protect environment. A Few weeks ago i update the EMC to ESET Protect and after a 2 weeks i noticed that the "Product version status" dashboard was showing me the "Agent" status in grey instead of green or red. I am using ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 8.0 (8.0.1258.0) and for the clients ESET Management Agent 8.0.1238.0 And the second problem: When i try to create a new "all in one installer package" i cant find any version for my client (ESET Endpoint Security 8.0.2028.0) the repository is not empty i find packages for ESET Server Security. King Regards
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