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  1. They only check in once despite the policy application of every 10 minutes, and the configuration choice is applied policy on the /all in the configuration console setting. I would think that if it were a fire wall issue it wouldn't allow the traffic by default, not just a single instance of the traffic. At first glance you would think it would be a domain issue, but i truly shouldn't matter as they are routed straight to the eset server. And it isn't every computer in the workgroup doing it, just most. Once I have the logs and don't see an immediate solution I'll revert with more. If I find a solution I will also report. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a known issue or if someone had a similar problem what their experience was.
  2. I have machines in a separate work group that are not apart of the domain, and none of the machines not in our domain only check in when they are turned on despite the policy being applied for every 10 minutes. Has anyone experienced this issue before? We definitely have the policy applied to all computers that are running the client. Any help would be appreciated.
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