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    Ball Love gave kudos to speakerbox in Screenconnect False Positive?   
    We've just had a spate of alerts via ESMC on the below file being detected as PUA which is our installer for ScreenConnect (Remote Control).
    Name Win32/RemoteAdmin.ConnectWiseControl.A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) file:///C:/Windows/Temp/ScreenConnect/20.11.1622.7619/ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.exe Detection engine version 22982 (20210317) Current engine version 22982 (20210317)  
    This is legit software and no evidence to suggest malicious so not sure if a bad module update? I do have that exact module and software on my own machine but ESET doesn't detect it. This was detected by idle state scanning our client and so far flagged up on about 20 machines in the past 1-2 hours.
    Anyone aware of known issue here?
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