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  1. Yes, this did helped me solve the problem. Everything is fine now. Thank you.
  2. At the end i uninstalled Agent, tried to install just new Agent 8.1.1223.0. Same error. After that i installed previous version 8.0.1238.0 without problem. So i still cant update Agent on that server.
  3. Hi Marcos, Any suggestion what can cause this problem and what can i try to fix it?
  4. Same thinking. After this, when new version is released i will wait minimum two weeks before upgrading.
  5. Yes, version is Windows Server 2008 SP2. Logs are in attachment. So im not only one with this problem. efsw_logs.zip
  6. At the end, i manually installed ESET Management Agent 8.0.1238.0 (previous version) without problem. Maybe new agent doesn't support Windows Server 2008 or is it something else?
  7. Hi. After upgrading Eset Protect to version 8.1.2209.0, also i did notification to update ESET Management Agent to version 8.1.1223.0. And i create task for 61 pc on Eset Protect but i have one failed task on Windows Server 2008. When i try to install manually i got error which u can see in attachment. Need to mention that im using Administrator account when i tried to install agent manually. And i tried with uninstalling agent from that server and installing from scratch and same error.
  8. Ok thanks. I just read this and it can be cause of this problem.
  9. Ok, so we tested all and we found cause of the problem. Whan can i say, thank you very much for help. I will contact them to try to resolve this.
  10. Ok, i tried but still the same problem. But i tried for a hour every option, to enable/disable to idenrify exact problem. So with disabled Protocol filtering option, which is cause of the problem i can access web site only like that. But reading you post i tried to isolate problem even more further. When i leave Protocol filtering enabled, and disable only HTTP Scanner setup, i can access web site. So this function denying access to web site, but im not sure what can i try to exlude or avoid this option. Just to mention that i tried only to disable HTTPS Scanner setup and leave HTTP Scanner setup enabled but it did not work. I attach picture to see what option i need to disable to access web site, even when i leave protocol filtering enabled. Also, i checked web site and its HTTPS protocol, even on 2FA page, so im sure what this option had to to with it.
  11. Im not sure that issue is Google Authennticator because everything is working fine as soon as i disable protocol scanning on ESET. And also, on computer without ESET i can log into web site without problem from Firefox. But thank you very much on assistance, i will test once more to see what can be the problem.
  12. I can also access domain without issue. Only problem is when i enter email and password, and press sign in it just loading and cant get to 2FA. I added one URL, but later i added several options just to cover all URL. You can see in picture that i attach. I didnt use Robtex, i find DNS records over other metods but i checked on robtex and its same addresses. You can check on picture that i attach. But still no success.
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