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  1. Can you please elaborate? What files are these, what type of files ESET security program scans? does id scan ALL files on the machine? I do not know what video is infected, if at all. If I knew - there was no problem. I ask about the general principle, algorithm of the scan. Maybe I am wrong - but as I understand it, this sentence is obvious.... If the machine is not protected and if the video contains an exploit, then you might be infected. Apologize if I misunderstood what you said. I'm here because that actually might have happened, and I am trying to fix it like it really happened. I'm not sure how, and if possible at all. Machine is regularly updated with with Win10 updates, and is protected by the build in Win 10 anti virus. I used malware bytes that did not find anything. SysRescure on the other hand found and cleaned 2 threats which I failed to check, as when I clicked "show log" , the program closed instead.
  2. My question is what types of files it scans, whether it scans ALL files, including personal files, videos etc. I got an email saying I got malware on my machine. The claim is machine was infected by a downloaded video. There are signs that this mail is fake (i.e, Machine is not actually infected) yet, I'd like to do whatever possible assuming this is really the case. Assuming it is true, I wonder whether this can be detected by any anti malware\virus, especially SysRescue . I also wonder whether this type of threats, can infect my other files (say, an Excel sheet I have created, pictures) and if so, can this be detected?
  3. Hi, I created an ESET SysRescue flash USB in order to scan win10 machine I suspect might be infected. My question is what does it exactly scan? What type of files? Does it scan all file on the HD ( i.e pictures, videos, excel ect) files or just the system files? Tx Oren
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